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so, job number 2 for the lawyers starts Monday. this, after i bitched at lunch about having not heard from them. =) woot. looks like 22 hours a week, which added into the 12 or 15 i'm getting at yon other job, makes for a perfectly viable budget. i'll get settled into that and then think about a third job a couple nights a week, if it looks practical.

i normally work MWF for my other job, which means i'm going to have to go in tomorrow and grovel to yon bosses (well, one of them) a bit. he doesn't like surprises, but i told them i was interviewing, so... the other one doesn't give a damn, as long as the books are done. i'll go in monday and tuesday evenings for a bit, and it should be fine.

i should be bouncy, but it's just about time for my girlie bits to do their thing, so as per normal, i feel like i've been run over by a truck. i managed bouncy (or at least awake) at lunch with arlydwycka and jadestorm and a friend of theirs, but now all i want to do is go curl up on a book for awhile. maybe after i balance my checkbook and some other stuff...

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