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i like lists.

  • apparently, we have net at home again. huzzah. =)
  • i like my job, and my coworkers, but it's so nice outside today, and i just want to be off playing... =) but at least i can do that tomorrow, so it's all good.
  • i have leftover stir-fry for lunch, and leftover ziti waiting at home for dinner. i've cooked more "real food" this week than i have in awhile, and it's nice.
  • we get a huxley_boy tomorrow, huzzah again.
  • i took a nap yesterday morning, dozed for two hours yesterday evening, and slept from 10 last night to 7 this morning. i think i'm sufficiently caught up on sleep. i hope.
  • i got to spend awhile on the phone last night catching up with an old friend that i hadn't talked to in a couple years. we're going to hang out Saturday, and i get to meet his new girlfriend. it'll be fun, and i'm looking forward to it. it's odd talking to someone that i haven't talked to in that long, though, and who doesn't LJ or keep up with email or anything... talking to him was like a time capsule, starting with this like explaining why i don't drive right now.
  • mmm, grapes. anyone know when strawberry season starts?

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