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have i mentioned that i'm extremely grateful to have been born now, right now? we're on the brink of seeing same-sex marriage legalized. most of my friends, if they don't quite get the poly thing, are at least willing to try to get it, or at least let it go, even if they don't quite approve. i can download music off the internet to listen to (and even go out and buy some of it, one of these days after i've moved and paid tuition and gotten a second job and all that jazz.) i can take classes on the 'net and do my homework in my pj's. i can keep up with friends across the country easily. i can go out, when i am so inclined, and find tasty, healthy, decently priced vegeterian food almost anywhere.

things aren't perfect, not at all, and ten twenty thirty years from now, things will probably be better (at least from my point of view). but they aren't all that bad now. =)

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