joyce (joyce) wrote,

it's been a long weekend. lovely, but long.

Friday was work, including a nice long lunch out at Indian buffet with the two bossmen and one of their wives, who was just lovely and sweet. and the food was good. Friday evening, i ended up talking gorski into coming over, as there was boredom going on all around, and we ate frozen pizza and watched The Bourne Identity with Tonya and George.

Saturday, i got to hang out with huxley_boy while Jeni was at work... the highlights of the afternoon were Golden Dragon and a 2.5 hour nap. *giggles* evening, Chris was coming back over again to hang out Tonya and George, and i headed out with Jeni and Huxley to a NC Poly mailing list party. some naked hot tubbing and good food later... it was fun, but i was hitting people/stranger overload. fortunately, it was across the street, so i walked home and played some Gullontine with Tonya and George and Chris before getting some sleep.

this morning was church with our friend Amber ... she goes to an Orthodox church, and there'd been some curiousity about the proceedings, so we were invited to go to church this morning. it was lovely, and definitely a nifty experience, if nothing else. there was a picnic of Boston Market on our back porch for lunch, and then Amber left, and i took another nap, and then Chris came back over this evening, and there was too much food and spades for the four of us.

to make the day even nicer, i had email from an old friend waiting for me after the cards. i've been bad at getting back in touch with people, so it was very nice to hear from her.

it was a nice lovely weekend, but now i'm on people overload.

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