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weekend highlights:

- walked down to the train station after work. got there in plenty of time. they let us know about the time that it was supposed to be pulling up that the train was going to be two hours late. fortunately, Mellow Joyce was present, so i shrugged and read a book.
- Dad picked me up at the Burlington train station, which is nice. much nicer than Raleigh's... what's up with that?
- watched CSI with Dad, did some reading, talked to my boyfriend, got some sleep.
- mom told me that i looked good, and i knew she meant it. i beamed.
- Dad and i discovered that we could peacefully disagree over same-gender marriage, which was nice.
- my sister and i and mom went and wandered around the mall to get out of the house for a bit. we had a good time wandering around. i got another version of my favorite skirt, in blue instead of the current red, for $5. woot.
- helped the sister person make food for her church lunch.
- got my butt kicked in scrabble, twice.
- ate some really good burritos for dinner.
- lost at hearts, badly.
- called my boyfriend, and got some sleep.
- did homework while the parents were at church.
- went and picked up a futon from supremegoddess1's mom's garage for me (thank you dear)
- cursed liberally at the snow
- got driven carefully by my dad into Burlington, where the train was only 20 minutes late. sat on the train, played on my computer, talked to my Jeff. Tonya was a dear and came and picked me up, saving me a nice chilly walk through the @#$#@#$ing snow back home.

i'm tired, but it was a good weekend.

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