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today was better.

i'm settling into work, finally, and i think the light at the end of the tunnel is coming. and shouldn't run us over. =)

today's lesson is to just ask, and things might be better than you think.

i had comfort food for dinner (tater tots and fish sticks) and Tonya and i indulged our collective chocolate cravings, and i'm still under my calories, go me.

i'm headed home for the weekend, taking the train there, and either taking the train or my sister back, depending on if she wants to come game with us on Sunday. i haven't been home since Christmas, and this is the only weekend for at least a month that i can do it. it'll be good to see my sister and my folks and eat someone else's cooking and sleep on something i can stretch out on.

which reminds me, Kim, think your mom would be kosher with us coming to get that futon this weekend?

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