joyce (joyce) wrote,

so i'm going to be registering to vote, as soon as i get around to either printing out the damned form or picking one up, and on the form it states that you can register as an "other qualified party", but that if your party isn't qualified, you'll be rolled to "unaffiliated". which is fine, because unaffiliated is how i've been registering since i've been voting, but i called the Board of Elections to find out what the other parties might be. and got told that the Republicans, Democrats, and Liberterians were the only qualified parties in NC. which makes me wonder why they bother putting "other" on the form, but i guess that's easier than reprinting the forms if another party manages to get on there.

i went for a walk and got the ingredients for granola, since i was inspired by my roommates recently doing so and i'm craving. it's in the oven now, and it smells good, at least, and it was dead easy to make.

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