joyce (joyce) wrote,

i'm quibbling about school again. i'm working on gen eds right now, which is part of the problem... i'm about tired of them, and wanting to be taking sociology classes again. =) i have a social science elective left to kill, and i was going to take cultural anthopology to fill it next quarter, but i'm thinking i'd rather take just one class next quarter for money and time reasons, and two over the summer. besides, i've already taken one anthro class, and variety is healthy. but the only useful things being offered over the summer are a history class (minor whine: i do not want to take history classes. there's a reason why i took literature the first time through. engineering majors got a choice of two lits or two histories. sociology majors, alas, get to take both.) that i'm already going to take, and economics. or psych. both of which i continually put off, because i have no interest in economics and i already know i hate psych, having taken social psych, which was bad enough.

doobiedo. good thing i have a month to decide, eh?

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