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i've been here before
and i deserve a little more

this year is making me impatient. i'm ready to be back in school full-time. i'm ready for other stuff. i'm thinking, if i'm going to be in the area for grad school, which is likely, that buying a house probably isn't such a bad idea after all.

i miss my Jeff, a lot.

a lot of folks asked me, before i left Seattle, what was happening with me and Jeff... the answer was, we weren't really sure. we were just kind of hitting the pause button and figuring it out.

and we're dating, and we're figuring it out, and i'll be much happier when i've plane tickets in my hand for the first visit. =) AIM and email and the phone only do so much.

for now, we're in a completely open relationship... i'm here, he's there, there's a lot of miles between us, we both agree it's more practical. we talk to each other about who we're dating and who we're sleeping with, of course, but for now, those decisions are all our own.

so if you ever wanted to ask me out, now's your chance, while i don't have a local primary. if you're local. no more LDRs for me...

and i'm sure no one actually cares about that, but, well, it's my journal, and i feel like babbling. so.

my sister came down tonight, and there was enchiladas for dinner, and spades, and ice cream. it was a good day, for the most part.


i really should make myself do some homework tomorrow. whee.


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