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merf. tired. i should not be this tired. today's highlights:

- grocery shopping.
- lunch with jeni. we made spinach salad and breakfast burritos. yum.
- looked at an apartment... not bad, very cheap. we're going to do some more looking, but it wouldn't be bad.
- managed to leave my ID at the apartment complex. guess what i get to do tomorrow morning before work?
- went and sat around the Red Cross while Jeni gave blood.
- did not go back and pick up my ID, because with traffic at 430, we'd've never gotten there.
- went back to Jeni's. made dinner. mmm, fruit salad and mac and cheese.
- stitch and bitch. more bitching than stitching this week. Heather gave me a lift home, thankyou dear.
- called my Jeff. i'm apparently too tired to actually hold a conversation right now, though.

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