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today was more work - i'd forgotten how tiring first weeks can be. it's new people, that i'm not comfortable around yet, no matter how nice they are, and new material, and being scared i'm going to fuck up. that'll wear off eventually, but.

i have a day off tomorrow (heh, wouldn't it be nice if i could work only parttime this whole year?), which is pretty well booked, but in good ways.

tonight after work i wandered around for awhile (i really need to get black shoes that are better for walking than the flats i've been walking all over kingdom come in), went to the library, decided against getting more books after all, got some food, and found my bus stop to go to Kimber's. i had a small moment of panic when at the exact time my bus was supposed to get there, the bus pulled up on the other side of the road (no, you're going to North Raleigh, you want outbound, i don't care that that bus is there when yours should be here, it says inbound, and it's going towards downtown, that wasn't it...) it was a long five minutes until my bus arrived.

evening was a "Stampin Up" party at Kimber's. it was a lot of fun - we got to do some crafty things that turned out really well. i restrained from buying anything, even though i'd like to - after moving, after paying Spring tuition, after a host of other things, then we'll see. it seems like a fun craft, though...

and now it's late, and i should go to bed soon, because i have stuff to do tomorrow, and i don't want to mangle my sleep schedule.

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