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- work wasn't bad. today was everything you ever wanted to know about accounts payable and recievable, invoices, and Peachtree, all in one day. no, i've never done any of these things before. wheee. it looks pretty easy, though, if i can keep up with the piddling details.
- last week during my interview, i told $bossman that i wasn't a bookkeeper, and that if that was all they were looking for, to hire someone else, but i'd be happy to learn. he mentioned that Peachtree was the software. i half joked "got a manual?" guess what the first thing he handed me this morning was? =)
- i was running late getting out of the house this morning, and didn't have time to look for my heavy coat. i froze my ass off walking home tonight.
- it was also freezing in the office today. they're apparently gutting the office below ours, and there's no heat piped through there. i spent most of the day being a Joyce-popsicle.
- they sound like they're going to be right flexible about school and other jobs. which is good, because getting a second job is going to be right up there on the short list of things to do after we move. i can manage until then just fine, but...
- i've got to get up in the morning early enough to pack more for lunch than a bag of carrots. there's a kitchenette and fridge and stuff, so taking food is easy, which means i can keep eating decently and not spend gobs of money going out to lunch.

and, actually, i got up decently early... i think i fell into a time warp when i got into the shower.
- did i mention it's fucking freezing here?

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