joyce (joyce) wrote,

i didn't sleep well last night - was wired at 2 am, finally went to bed around 3, tossed, turned (at least as much as you can on a cot), the whole nine yards. awake at 330, 530, 830, 1000, and a bit in between. so i took a nap this afternoon, knowing it was probably a bad idea, but i was too damned tired not to.

so tonight i was talking to my baby, and i started losing coherency, so i told him i was going to bed. i was getting towards the end of Wolves of the Calla, so i thought i'd read a bit to put myself to sleep, just for a few minutes.

*bzzzt* bad idea. that was an hour and a half ago. the book's done. i'm awake.

i'm going to try to go to sleep anyhow, but. i've got to try to unfuck my sleep schedule before tuesday, if i have to hit myself over the head with a brick to do it.

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