joyce (joyce) wrote,

so, last night, another friend of mine from high school took me out to dinner and we spent a couple hours catching up, which was nice. it'd be a damned long time since i'd seen him; we're going to have to make sure that that doesn't happen again.

today, Jeni came and picked me up, and we went and saw Love, Actually at Blue Ridge (yay for cheap movies), wandered around the art museum for a bit, wandered out to her house and made some food, and went to the stitch and bitch. i got frustrated with what i was working on and went for the instant gratification route instead, working on a hat out of some scrap yarn. it's almost done, and it's going to be lovely.

Jeni managed to do things to my hair tonight so that it doesn't completely look like i stuck my finger in a light socket. we stopped by Target and got me hair goop, and with luck, i'll be able to repeat it.

Heather gave me a ride home (thank you!) and now... i should do some homework. reading a book is sounding a lot better at the moment, though.

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