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lack of sleep seems to be a theme today.

i went to bed at 130 and fell asleep somewhere around 3... the first time. i woke up at 630, snarled at my clock since i wanted that last half hour before the alarm went off, dammit, dozed back off, woke back up when the alarm went off, said fuckit, turned off the alarm, and went back to bed. i've got job apps in raleigh to turn in, but i wasn't going to do that on 3 hours of sleep; it can get done tomorrow.

i got a couple more hours of sleep, and now i'm poking at cover letters... i think i'd rather poke at myself with a sharpened stick. it'd certainly be easier. :)

eventually, i'll get this cover letter done to my satisfaction and sent off. i need to go for a walk. Jeni and i have a date this afternoon. whee. :)

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