joyce (joyce) wrote,

so, on Friday night i came home and tore through my room, looking for my computer. it turns out that it got left in my parents car on Wednesday when they dropped me off (i didn't notice because i was at Jeni's). so my sisters came up today and met Tonya and i at Southpoint, where we had lunch and wandered around and then they handed over my computer and went home. i am overjoyed to have it back, particularly as classes start on Tuesday.

Friday i "helped" (okay, mostly watched and kept her company) Jeni clean her room, then we ran errands, had Wendy's for dinner, and went to poly coffee, where i met some good folks. then she dropped me off at home, where i slept the sleep of the dead...

Saturday was cleaning my room, a nice long walk, some window shopping with Tonya and George, Ruby Tuesday's for dinner, some TV, some knitting.

Today was the expedition to pick up the computer, grocery shopping, installing my computer. it's about time for me to get to sleep, too.

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