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and a happy new year it was...

yesterday the family drove me down to Cary, where we dropped off my stuff at Tonya and George's and showed mom the house, and then they ran me back up to Jeni's. there was errandage, including a liquor store run (dear self: buy the booze before NYE next year. the line was nuts.) there was frozen pizza, and then Jeni and i and huxley_boy and another friend went over to a NYE party being hosted by someone she knew. there was drinking, lots of it. (okay, so i got really, really drunk. i don't think i made too much of a fool of myself, so...) highlights included wandering around outside in the cold drunk at 2am, trying to find a cat named Oops that had gotten outside. ("here, Oopsie Oopsie Oopsie... i feel really silly").

there was champange and kisses at midnight, and it was a good time.

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