joyce (joyce) wrote,

last night, Dwaine and Heather and Kimber and i went to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner, and then Paul played fetch, because he's great like that, and took me over to the party at hap and cbj's. there was some drinking and lots of talking and catching up, and it was very nice. i got to see some folks i hadn't seen in a long time (in one case, so long that it took a long second to place this person that seemed to know my name and i didn't know from Adam... sorry about that. :) )

we were all tipsy and tired, so i found a patch of couch, and then this morning there was Cooper's for lunch (i have finally experienced the wonder of Cooper's, and it was pretty tasty.) then they drove me back "home", (thanks guys) and here i am. i'm thinking about working on my blanket, or maybe taking a nap, and then it'll be time to get a shower and get gussied up for the wedding tonight.

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    Like a boss.

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